Saturday, September 8, 2012


A few days ago, nabiktima ng holdup ang isa sa board mate kong merlat, si Claire. Nangyari to mga 9PM na nung malapit na sya sa boarding house galing sa trabaho. O di ba, nakakaloka, ang lakas ng loob ng hinayupak! I’ve heard from the chismisan of our fellow neighbors eh may kasama daw na naka-motor ang walanghiyang holdaper. No wonder na malakas ang loob nya na mang-holdup ng ganong oras.
My partner and I had a haircut before it happened. We had our dinner on the same mall where the barbershop is located and then we head home afterwards. Pagkababa na pagkababa namin ng jeep, na-sightsulla na namin na ang daming utaw sa labas ng boarding house. Na-shakira pa nga aketch nung nakita ko yung isang kuya na may hawak na mahabang tubo. Akala ko nga may riot sa kanto namin. HEHEHE! Pero mas na-shakira ako nung pagpasok namin sa gate e andun halos lahat ng board mates namin sa baba at si Claire na “keep on bleeding” ang left-hand. So may I ask ako sa mga merlat kung ano ang nangyari. At yun na nga, si Claire ang newest victim ng holdup-an samin. Naawa ako sa itsura nya kasi obvious na na-trauma sya sa nangyari. She’s trembling in fear. And as for me, I don’t know what to do. I want to comfort her but I don’t know how.
Good thing at mabait ang landlady namen as well as her husband. Since may car sila, dinala nila si Claire sa nearest police station para makapag-file sya ng blotter report. Unfortunately, hindi nya namukhaan ang hayup na holdaper. TSK!
For the meantime, we had an arrangement for which my partner agreed, na susunduin nya si Claire from work which is just a few minutes’ walk. Then we’ll see and hopefully maka-get over sya sa nangyari. Each day we’re trying our very best to make things better and lighter for her para ma-divert na din ang isip nya sa nangyari kasi there are still instances na naiiyak sya. May time pa nga na binangungot ata sya, according to her roommate. SIGH!
You know what, aside sa wish ko na maka-move on si Claire e yung magkaron ng malubhang sakit yung hayup na holdaper na yun, na unti-unti syang mahirapan na tipong mas gugustuhin nya na lang na mamatay. Tuwing naaalala ko yung nangyari e lalo akong nanggigigil dun sa hinayupak na holdaper. Nakakabwisit. Kung napaaga lang kami ng uwi nun, baka naabutan namin si gago at ako mismo ang gugulpi sa kanya, kaso hindi e. Yun din ang isa sa kinaiinis ko. SIGH! At sana mabigat din ang sintensya sa mga holdaper no, para hindi na makapagpyansa o makalaya, kasi may tendency pa na balikan nila yung mga biktima nila o baka mas malala pa dun. DAVAH?!
Wish ko lang, Ate Vicky. Super wish ko lang!
Pero mga kapanalig, just a piece of advice, super ingat tayo dahil super iba na talaga ang panahon ngayon. It's better to be safe than sorry, ika nga. At sa mga ganitong sitwasyon, if the going gets tough, please surrender your belongings to them at wag nang manlaban if you still treasure your dear life. Mas valuable pa rin ang beauty natin above all. **wink**
Stay safe! ♥

Friday, September 7, 2012


Just recently, Nat, my college buddy, sent me a text message. At first, I wasn’t able to recognize the number he used for it was not yet registered on my phone. Good thing it was not a prank message. And after the confirmation and all that, he decided to call me instead. Since we haven’t heard from each other for a few years, there were a lot of topics that came out; updates and all kinds of stuff. We missed each other so much. Reminisce the good ol’ times was one of the things that we've talked about which made me realize how time flies so fast. It took us almost an hour on the phone, I guess, but it felt so great to hear from him again. He made me miss his company and he also felt the same.
Back in our college years, we seldom hang out together but we called each other “bes” (short for bestfriend) though. I think it’s because we are under the same "hood". After college, I haven’t heard from him since. (or I just don’t really remember) LOL

sorry 'bout the photo, just chose this among the search results LOL

And just a couple of hours ago we exchanged text messages regarding his concerns. Probably asking for my opinion or say to his idea of going abroad. But as usual, there’s still a consequence/s beneath it. So, I gave out my suggestion/opinion, then I told him that it’s already up to him if he’ll follow that or not. And ask Him for a sign, which he agreed. He again decided to call me up (coz I think he’s not a texter-type like me) and we had a heart-to-heart talk. Exchange of thoughts about our respective partners, experiences, dilemmas, and so on.
After our wonderful conversation, I feel a whole lot better, so much lighter, for I was able to express what I’m feeling deep inside. And he also made me realize what I have right now, a very distinctive feeling that I can’t find anywhere or with someone else in the world. Love.

Thanks Nat, I really do appreciate everything. Hope we could get together soon. A double-date perhaps? LOL

Friday, August 31, 2012


I really miss this superhot guy who made my heart skip for a million times per second. LOL
just look at that bulge LOL
Well, if you’re a local TV viewer, specifically GMA 7, then you’d probably know him. But for those who don’t, he’s well-known as Chris Cayzer, but his real name is Christopher Ashley Luke Araneta Cayzer, born on 29 December 1986 to Filipino parents Khristine Araneta Cayzer and Reggie Hizon Cayzer. His mother is from Zamboanga and his father from Manila. He has an older sister, Patricia, who is currently based in London.
He was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. And now he’s back there for good. He just recently joined The X Factor Australia where this video of his audition was taken.

The very first time I saw him on TV crush ko na sya and I thought he was the Master Rapper Francis M or at least one of his children but to my surprise they’re not even related. LOL
Isa lang talaga ang mase-sey ko sa kanya, “Ang gwapo mo talaga. SHET!!” AHAHAHA!
..I also missed that very cute smile

Maiba naman tayo. While I was browsing through my favorite blog sites, I saw this post about the upcoming (or I guess it was already released) Cosmopolitan magazine, where these very fresh, hot, young and delicious men were featured and tagged as this year’s Cosmo 69 Bachelors.
Mind you guys, di ko dapat ma-MISS to. At kayo rin. I will surely get a copy of this mag, ASAP! For the meantime, eto muna ang patikim nila.

Watching this video really makes me wet and at the same time kinikilig din. Haaay! Kelan kaya ako makakatikim ng ganitong kasarap na ulam? KELAN!?! Nag-drama daw o. HAHAHA!
Those guys who are featured (those who I can only recognize) on the video are Alden Richards (teen actor – GMA 7); Markki Stroem (Pilipinas Got Talent grand finalist – ABS-CBN); JM De Guzman (teen actor – ABS-CBN); Rob Domingo (teen actor/former VJ – ABS-CBN); John Spainhour (Century Superbods 2012 winner); Vince Ferraren (upcoming Bench model); Ian Batherson (StarStruck finalist/Survivor Philippines castaway); Mikael Daez (actor – GMA 7); Baron Geisler (actor – ABS-CBN); Pancho Magno (Bench endorser/actor – GMA 7); Rob Da Silva (indie film actor); Marvin Kiefer (Survivor Philippines castaway); Paulo Avelino (Bench endorser/actor – ABS-CBN) and others who could be varsity players and/or models who happens to be my crush now. AHAHAHA! Ang harot lang?! Wala na kong sinabi kundi “p*tang ina” all throughout the clip. Well, you can’t blame me, I’m just a gay who’s just amazed on what I’m seeing. LOL

**Chris' details courtesy of Wikipedia, click here for more.**

Saturday, August 25, 2012

621 years after

Yeah! Super, As in! It’s been so long since my last post. HAHAHA! It’s just that I can’t come up of something good to share although I’m not that busy these past few days, I just can’t think of anything. All I did was blog-surfing and just yesterday I compiled a list of the blog sites that I frequently visit.

Some of them are already listed here on my page while others will just stay here on my notes. HIHIHI! So here they are:


So for those among you who wants to see shirtless guys or those guys on their undies (and/or birthday clothes) these are the sites I highly recommend/suggest. **WINK**
I just recently discovered the last one. I dunno where but it’s listed on either one on the list. And I assure you that you’ll certainly love it (that's if you are PLUs). LOL
Yan ang pinagkaka-busy-han ko mga fwends these past few days. I’m just trying to get some inspiration so that I can write something here. Kaso I already got hooked at it and I can't stop viewing those photos. LOL
You better visit it now and malay nyo you might find it inspirational as well! CHOS! HAHAHA!

FB image courtesy of Google Search

Twitter Bird image courtesy of Google Search

There’s another thing I want to share with you. Just recently I’m getting hooked to the susyal-networking site, Twitter. Unlike Facebook, where I mostly use it to play my fave game, The Sims Social, Twitter sounds more like susyal to me. HEHEHE! And since it has a different format compared to other social networking sites, I find it very interesting and entertaining. Just like what I saw on one of the tweets which really implies to me. Try to check this one out,

It has seven parts so make sure to read all of it. I can’t stop smiling and/or laughing to every details of it because it’s like I’m the subject of that article. But the best part I do like the most is the last one. Mostly the last paragraph and I quote:
If after looking through these clues you've decided that the man in question is secretly gay, be respectful. Don't try to publicly out or shame him. Instead, be his friend and help him become more comfortable with himself. When he is ready to talk about it, be there to support him!”

Then I just came up of a quote and told to myself:
“There’s nothing wrong with being GAY, it may only sound wrong if you stopped to be GAY (happy).”


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Betcha (bet-sya)

Hey guys! Does anyone of you know the name of this guy?

Oh ano, bet davah?! Ang sarap ng lips nya no, and I think he's not that hairy kasi look at his armpits. HIHIHI! He's the guy from Nestea's TV ad where he was roasting pig or what we call here as lechon, if you're frequently tuned in to the TV you're probably familiar with this guy. Been trying to search for the video's details but it seems unavailable. So please, help me out here. LOL!

For those who haven't noticed him or even seen the said ad. Watch it here.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

thanks-friends-i'm back

**Sorry guys for I can no longer continue my post for Approved 30-Day Leave since I already lost track of the events during my stay at home**

I first want to say “thank you, Lord for bringing me back to Bacolod safe and sound.”, although there’s such a so-called katangahan that occurred. Akalain mo ba namang maiwanan ako ng barko nung Friday kasi feel ko lang magpaiwan. O di ba, sadyang abnormal lang? HAHAHA!
Since my approved leave was just good for thirty days, I’m already expected to report yesterday, 29 July.  I was so confused on what to do. If I have that ticket reservation rescheduled I have to pay 400+ pesetas but if I decided to have it refunded I would only get at least half of the ticket’s price which is around 700 to 800. Ang saklap! But I have to think thoroughly para makauwi agad ako. I suddenly called my friend since college (Ayen) to get some advice. She then asked me to go to their house in Mandaluyong so that I could have some rest to easily decide what I should do next. I was hesitant at first. So after that call, I contacted my friend in Bacolod (Angel) whom, I think, could help me financially. Luckily, she agreed to use her CC or credit card to buy myself an airline ticket. I then called my friend from a travelling agency (Van) to check for the soonest flight from Manila to Bacolod. She searched on it and found available slots which cost 3x of my expected amount. So she just referred me to go online and check. After all of those conversations on the phone, I finally decided to go straight to Ayen’s house. She and her mother offered me lunch and allowed me to spend the night there. I do appreciate them as they already considered me as part of their family. Nakakahiya man pero sa totoo lang, ako lang ang naging classmate ni Ayen na nakikitira sa kanila. Pero for just a day lang naman so far. HAHAHA!
Sometime around the afternoon, I again called Angel to get her CC account but I sensed that she’s uncertain of giving it to me so I asked her to just do the transaction on her end for security purposes and she finally agreed.
The very next day, Saturday, Ayen, lend me some money. I thought of withdrawing the money left in my savings account para pandagdag na din, mahirap nang ma-short noh! But to my surprise, MAY SWELDO NA PALA!! Halos tumambling ako sa ATM booth that time but I kept my calm. I immediately called Ayen, who by that time already left to work, and told her about the good news. She was also very happy for me. I told her that I’ll just return her money and said my deepest appreciation. Finally at makakauwi na din ako sa Langga ko na mashadong emo. HEHEHE!
I can’t thank Ayen, Angel and the others enough for the kindness that they’ve showed me. Napakaswerte ko talaga as in na may mga kaibigan ako na tulad nila. Yung handang tumulong in case of emergency. HEHEHE! Nawa’y patuloy silang biyayaan ng Panginoon for their every good deed.

“I wanted to thank you again, Lord, for giving me such gift, a very special gift that you wrapped in to what I call as FRIENDS..I'm so blessed!!”

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Approved 30-Day Leave: Day 2

30 June 2012

our unfinished humble home

Finally, I’m home! At around six in the morning I arrived on our doorstep. Called for my mother to have the gate opened, then kissed her as a sign of respect and my longing for her. “Yan lang ang dala mo?” was her first greeting for I was only carrying three bags. I just lied and said yes. I thought that it was not yet the right time to tell her that I was just on a vacation, and I find it hard to tell her.

While I was on my trip, I already thought of having a nice and long rest as soon as I’m home pero parang nawala ata ang antok ko nang makarating ako sa bahay. Ewan ko ba! Mama and I just had some talk about our day-to-day stories, each of us have something to share. And that lasted for a few hours until it was time to watch my favorite noon-time show, eh ano pa nga ba, eh di Eat Bulaga! HAHAHA! But the bad news is I fell asleep while watching, too bad! I actually missed a lot. HMP!

Sometime around afternoon, I got hungry. My cousin’s husband, who’s just next door, suggested Pancit as our merienda. Since he already has a newly bought motorcycle, he volunteered to accompany me to where the best Pancit in town is. So we drove our way there and bought a Pancit Malabon that is good for 25 persons for I already expected that most of us will be consuming more than a single serve. Pasensya na, malalakas talaga kumain ang mga kamag-anak ko eh. HEHEHE! But unfortunately, I overestimated them, sa dami namin halos kalahati lang ang nabawas sa bilao. They failed me. HAHAHA! But anyway, it’s ok, at least there’s a lot left for me. It’s their lost, my gain. HAHAHA!

first shot attempt using my celfone

second attempt and looks so

When the day was about to end, I decided to sleep early for I already felt tired. I also ate a lot that night that I got very sleepy right away. Pero syempre nagpahinga muna ko, ayokong mabangungot noh! HAHAHA! I must also rest well for I might have a big day ahead of me the following day because Mama wants to go to the mall and taste a pizza that was being advertised on TV where the guy’s eyeglasses broke when the other guy had a bite of this thin and crispy slice of pizza. (if you watch TV a lot, you know what I mean.) Well, “OK”, I thought, eating out isn’t a bad idea after all. Treat ko na din kay Mama since I wanted to please her. Medyo suhol na din. HEHEHE!

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